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 The Premier Income System V...  Will  $1,000 +Per Day Change Your Life? Or Perhaps, Hundreds In CASH "Everyday" The FAST Results Will Amaze You!(606RT1-18cc41)

• $15,000 a Month!... Just mail the two letters we give you! Work at home and earn a Real Income mailing our special Cash forms! TWO CASH pages can make you RICH! Click Here For Exciting Details  Order form

• The Mailbox Game!... The game that puts $5.00 Bills in your mailbox every day! To get started,Send a copy of this circular & a $5.00 Bill to each player listed below. Enjoy us this Awesome program! (306LS9-17ccc41)

• VITALITY AND PROSPERITY... "There is no other nutritional product or drug that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated and super-resistant germs and food contaminants, our best defense must lie within our own immune system." (982SC9-17c07)

 Amazing Stamp Program!... Make Money at Home! Freedom Forever! Equality Forever! We have developed a Stamp Program that will change the mail order industry forever! (306MT8-17cc41)

• ATTENTIONWrite Your Own Paycheck Amazing FREE Offer!  For a limited time, we will MATCH YOUR ENTRY FEE! This increases your lifetime commissions. FREE WEBSITE FOR LIFE! (104MR8-17cc41)

• Money Blocks... Instant Money Up to $500 Every Time Someone Purchases one of Your Blocks! Once you own a block, you own it forever! Even after you sell and get PAID For it Time and Time Again!  (750RH7-17c07)

 FREE MONEY ... Living The Good Life I'm going to Show You The Money! Our People Helping Network Is Giving Money to People In Need! (738EG6-17cc41)

• Great CASH Infinity... Creating Wealth FAST! For Serious Marketer's Only!! JUST Launched! Massive Leverage Guarantees your success with this Powerful Program. (443NM6-17cc41)

• ATTENTION: Write Your own Paycheck For a limited time, we will MATCH YOUR ENTRY FEE! This increases your lifetime commission. AMAZING FREE OFFER! (292TD4-15cc41)

• Get pay $62,500 Over and Over Again for "Doing Nothing"... Join everyone's quick "CASH" favorite money making program "Poor man's Program To Riches" (970GC4-17c56)

 CASH MAILER ... It's really very useful receiving $3.00 for each member you recruit, and yet another $3.00 for every member your members recruit, and still ANOTHER $3.00 CASH For More Details  Click Here 

• Monthly Income Provider... This is a Co-Op  where people work together in pursuit of a common purpose to make an extra income. Make extra money as independent contractor. (303LH4-17cc41)

• You've Got Mail.. Everyone Pays The Same! Everyone Makes Money! All funds are mailed directly to YOU! At last, a serious opportunity that will work for everyone. (520JG3-17cc41)

"The World's Largest Permanent Matrix" Real People Making Real Money Finally! Something Different! Something That Works! (772SF2-17cc41)

 Do You Dream Of Attaining The Lifestyle Of A Millionaire? With Millionaire Club You Can Attain Your Ultimate life Success! In Six Month Or Less! Never Pay For Another Mailing Again! (306LS1-17cc41) 

• CASH MAILER .. Its really very useful receiving $3 for each member you recruit, yet another $3 for every member your members recruit. WE KEEP IT LEGAL (080AS1-17c110)

 Stamps are Forever!.. An amazing Stamp program! Never Buy stamps Again! Trade Your Stamps For Print and Mail! 

 How Powerful Is This Program?... The only mail order program with permanent Lifetime Residual Income In Position #4! For both details Click Here 

• Presidential Collection... Start collecting yours TODAY! Choose what denomination(s)you want to receive in your mailbox every day. (452MR12-16cc41)

• This Amazing Program Works To Make You Some Easy Money Fast!.. Get started by making 4 copies of this program and mail payments according to amount listed. The member below are offering you a special invitation to join them in this program. (354WE9-16cc41)

• GENESIS... I have seen so many programs over the years, but this is far the best! I have never made so much money so fast in my life! I now have my whole family involved. We are finally making a living! Just mail and receive your CASH 100% to your mailbox. (524LB9-16ac07)

• The Ultimate Wholesale Program!.. Secrets to success in your very own Money Making Business. We guarantee that all the listings are up to date. We provide you with Addresses, Phone Numbers, Emails, and Fax Numbers. (901RA8-16cc41)

 Discovery A Money-Making System So Powerful, It Pays You $7,925 Every Month To Play On 31,240 Lottery Ticket, Even If Every Ticket is a Worthless Loser! (316SM7-16cc41)

• Get Paid To Promote... Fat Cat Says " Decide How Much You Want To get Paid To Promote" You can be a FAT CAT too! This Ad Sheet can Help build your favorite program! (068RH5-16cc41)

Print and Mail... Reliable - Dependable - Trust-Worthy - and- Low, Down, Home Rates ≈ Super Special ≈  For Both Details Click Here

Let's Talk Money!.. YES!! You have the potential to become a millionaire!! You can turn a one-Time payment into thousands!! Over & Over!! Free Print and Mail, Free Mailing list, you will even get 1st class Free Stamps!! Click Here (048Rtcc414-16)

"Double Up" We put fun and profit back into mailing... Receive $25 with this easy program, you keep $25... Start or Expand your information Marketing Business Money Making Reports ... Free Money you never have to pay back! Receive $2,500... Click Here for all details (407JT4-16c07)

• WOO HOO! This Is NO Joke! The Stamp Used To Mail This Letter Was FREE! Sent To Me In The Mail! Just For Joining. FREE Stamps Forever!

THE MILLIONARE'S "Ten Dollar CASH Club!" The Cash System That Pays Big! The Last Program You'll Ever Need To Join! FANTASY MASTERWORKS. (866DM3-16acc41) For Detail for both:  CLICK HERE

"You've Got Mail" .. Everyone Pays The Same! Everyone Makes Money! All funds are mailed directly to YOU! At last, a serious opportunity that will work for Everyone. (012RD2-16cc41)

The Progressive Income Generator.. A New Twist To Generating a $5,000 to $10,000 Monthly Income! We will show you how to leverage $10.00 into a $5,000 to $10,000 monthly income with our "Progressive Income Generator!" (206BE2-16cc41)

Mail Order Riches! .. Amazing New circular Pulls 90% Orders! And Now The "Goldmine's Incredible Money-Making Kit" (598PH2-16cc51)

• The Millionaire's "Ten Dollar CASH Club" The cash system that pays BIG! The last program you'll ever need to JOIN! Join Our System,  Bring In Just "5" New Member for The First Position ONLY and Then Never  Do Another Thing! (025BD2-16cc41)

Money Tree's MILLIONAIRES... All starts with only $3.00 With the first member you recruit you will receive $4.00 then $5.00, $6 and so on Up to $20!

→ CASH & STAMPS ⇒ FOREVER ... A true win-win straight line Matrix. your first referral(level 1) will send you 20 F/C stamps. their first referral (level 2) will send you a $5 Bill.

For both details Click Here (511LE12-14cc41)

A Direct Marketing Dream Come TRUE! How would you like to get PAID - HUGE BUX!! For supplying us with the Mailing List that we'll use for the co-operation mailing that we'll mail for you FREE! Interested? Who wouldn't be? Please READ on for all the EXCITING DETAILS!

Money Making Express Accounts ... GUARANTEED  Money Forever! I'll get right to the point, when you join this MONEY Making Express your name never goes off the Money making boxes below. Every time members join, you get commissions because all Money is sent directly to YOU. (111EJ11-15cc51)

WORK AT HOME... Bring In Extra Money. No Meetings, No Hassles. Just call #1-618-887-6400 To Receive Additional Information. (680HC11-15c07) 

The Total Package 2 News, October 2015... Hello Everyone !! We are now in our 3rd month of business! Our campaign to contact every network marketer  in the world by phone, mail, email, and other distributions is under way. (116TA10-15cc51)

THE INCREDIBLE MEGA CASH SYSTEM! ... This program can start to make you continuous MONEY month after month in NO time at all! There are 2 positions you can pay to join. Let the MONEY Roll In! (619LT9-15cc41)

The Big MONEY Machine.. We're Going to Make a Lot of MONEY With This Program A PROVEN SYSTEM EMPLOYED There are 25 gifting levels which you will go to receive gifts. (767RR9-15c07)

Make Easy Profits in 2015 With NEW Revolutionary video Ads Dealership Opportunity! Get Ready To Start Raking In MASSIVE and Consistent DAILY Commissions Unlike You've Never Seen Before! (631CB9-15cc51)

The Magic Begins With Two... Three will set you FREE invite two members and receive great returns Invite three Set yourself FREE! Do The Math.. (222CRE9-15cc51)

MY DAILY BREAD.. "I made over $2,000 my third in this program just by mailing 100 letters. It's like  having FREE Postage!  Everybody is mailing for me, and everybody is making Money!! Thanks for another great program!!" (724AG8-15cc41)

The Door of Opportunity is W-I-D-E Open. The Greatest Losses of All are Those that Come From Missed Opportunities! (484CM7-15cc41)

• The World's Largest "Permanent" Matrix!... Are you tired of working your tail off for those tiny commissions you get from most other programs, when you KNOW you should be making 10 times MORE? We Hear you friend.. and you're not alone! Everything Changes Right NOW! We are doing what No Other Company can do!  CLICK HERE (401FS6-15cc41)

• Traffic Wave Marketing Online Business Opportunity!! Here's a Quick-n-Easy Way for you to "Get Daily PAID SIGN-UPS" (153PF6-15cc41)

CASH MAILER ... Start Right Now!! Send Copy of the Circular and Just $3.00 CASH to Each Member Listed. We Keep It Legal !! (440DP6-15c110)

• THE $10.00 BIG MAIL CASH PROGRAM.. Honestly! I get paid $10. for my big mails from this program! I also make nice profits as well.

If you are looking for the secret to conquer POWER and SPEED of cost Effective Advertising System!

• GIFT CLUB.. Happy Birthday All Year Every Year Imagine The Huge circulation Possibilities Click here (8OW6-15cc41)

• As NEW member come in and receive $3.00 for every member you get to join in. You can make big BUX with this simple program. CASH MAILER (703JS5-15c110)

The Road To a Different LIFESTYLE! Get Cash Daily! You send $5 CASH to each members listed below. Then send $5 Cash to the monitor who will send you a flyer with your name in the #1 position. (732IW5-15cc41)

Do You Deserve a Better Life? Go on Vacation? Drive a NEW Car? Live Worry-FREE, Stress-Free, and Debt-Free? Then come enjoy the Club Member, Your First $20 Gift will Be Mailed To You. Click Here (111MG5-15cc41)

Look Check This Out! Hottest Mail Order Publications To Advertise In! 45 "Smart Advertising" At It's Best! (106WW5-15cc41)

Are You Kidding Me? Nope! I'm not Kidding you. YES That's Correct. Get Paid $500 Over and Over Again For "Doing Nothing" (206BE2-15cc41)

• The Money Making Stimulus Package!.. Let's Make $500-$1,000 A Week Together! Plus We P&M This Program For You 16 Weeks! (611LP12-14cc41)

CASH MAILER ... Start Right Now!! Send Copy of the Circular and Just $3.00 CASH to Each Member Listed. We Keep It Legal !!

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• Get 180 Top Tier Leads For Only $20  Stop using old, worn-out mailing lists! Give our HOT-60 List a try!

No matter who you are or where you may be in Life you owe it to yourself to look at something thing new, something different. We are offering this to you FREE .. Do you want over $150,000 per year? We predict you will easily approach the $50,000 mark within the first year. Click Here For Both Details (104KA11-

CASH MAILER ... This is a very easy program to work and make MONEY with. All you do is have copies made of your original...Place one in all your outgoing mail. (501WG11-14c110)
Four Corners Alliance Group.. NOW, the really BIG Income is in the 100% match! Take a look at the figures in our flyer. YES! every time a member you introduced to this business receives an instant commission from someone in their downline. (805DE11-14cc41)
$50 MAGIC MONEY MIRACLE ... How to have your flooded daily with envelopes filled with CASH, checks and Money orders made out to you! (604HW10-14cc41)
THE AMAZING $100 DOLLAR CASH IN HAND PROGRAM!! No other program generates CASH like this. That's $$100 in Your Hand Over and Over again!! (042Ls10-14cc41)
WOW! Receive $21,000 Over & Over ... Real Easy!!
And It Can All Start With a One Time Out Of Pocket Gift Of $100. (008GA9-14cc41)   Click Here
THE SUPER CASH MACHINE... "Became a Successful Cog in the CASH Machine" Big Things Come in Small Packages And BIG MONEY can Easily Come In  Small Programs!.  (120HM9-14cc41))
CASH MILLIONAIRES! Independent mail order marketing are inviting you to join them in a MONEY making program that makes everyone a WINNER!
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THE ULTIMATE GIFTING PROGRAM! Earn $100, $1,000s, Even $10,000s With NO Products To Buy And Sell!! (751RL7-14cc41)

•SELF FUNDING GIFTS.. My Idea - My Strategy! those of you who are confident you can sponsor, at least, 2 people into this program. The Strong helping the Weak. (125EN6-14cc41)

*You Make and Keep $500.00 on Every Sale! HUGE payouts with Massive circulation! Mail Order Club of America (290JB5-14cc41)

*The Ultimate Low Cost CASH Generating 9-Level Program! $3.00 For each member you recruit, and yet another $3 CASH MAILER! (367MP2-14c110)

* The Millionaire Mailer.. This Flyer Will Make You An Obscene Amount of Money, Hundreds In Cash " Everyday" The FAST Results Will Amaze You!  (113AA10-13cc41)

* FAST FOOD DISCOUNT CARD.. Keep $12.00 On Every Order You RECEIVE! (376JW8-13cc41)

• The Money Making Stimulus Package! Let's Make $500 - $1000 A Week TOGETHER! Let's Get Down To Business! (482RC7-13cc41)


• The Premier Income System IV... Will $700+ Per Day Charge Your Life? Or Perhaps, Hundreds In Cash "Everyday" The Fast Results Will Amaze You. (606RT12-17cc41)

• The Quick and easy Way To Get Typesetting & FREE Advertising. Every ad we typeset, regardless of size, also receives a FREE run on the internet. This is a super deal and SAVES you serious money with FREE advertising! (071LH9-17c38)

• Working from Home offering Identity theft protection huge industry that can bring you large profits! $50 K Income Potential $$$. (490MR9-17cc41)

 Make Big Money Walking Through Farmers Markets Passing out The Circular Below To Venders ... The Most Powerful Order Pulling Advertisement In Mail Order!!.. For Both Details Click Here (490MR9-17cc41)

It's really very useful receiving $3.00 for each member you recruit, and yet another $3.00 for every member your members recruit, and still ANOTHER $3.00 CASH for every member their members recruit. enjoy now your CASH MAILER (080AS7-17c69)

• Get Paid CASH.. To Shop At Your Favorite Store!You Can own a Guaranteed money Making Business! Get Your Own Website Free Advertising Reach & Refer Thousands Of People. (738RG6-17cc41)

⇒ How Would You Like To See Your Sales Skyrocket!? ... It's Easy With Targeted Mailing List Of Business Opportunity Buyers! A mailing list will make or break you! We have hundreds of thousands of Opportunity Available for less than the industry standard! (For Both Details) Click Here (065RG6-17cc41)

• Welcome to the "10 to 1000" Program... You will make money forever even if you don't want to "Brand New" innovative Money Making System that will make you RICH! (622CG6-17cc41)

• $1,000 a day for Life, easy!.. You are invited to become a member of the brand new innovation money making system "10 To 1000". There has never anything like it and we believe this will be the last program you will ever join. (011MW3-17cc41)

• The Millionaire Mailer.. What would you do with all the time in the world and no money worries whatsoever? Earn unlimited CASH. (573RW3-17cc41)

• Get $1,250,000 To $6,250,000 Within Weeks -- TAX FREE!!... No, this is not what you think it is you DON"T have to invest hundreds of dollars hoping for a small gain! Now that I have your Attention! Click Here (562GS3-17cc41)

• FREE MONEY..YOU NEVER TO PAY BACK! Receive $2,500 Every 30 to 45 Days. You make a Pledge to send a $100 Gift (ONE TIME) to ONLY One Person(179GA2-17cc41)

• The Easiest Home Based income Opportunity EVER.. If you can mail postcards or flyers, YOU can do this Business! Never Pre-Recorded Nonsense!! Talk to a REAL person! RUSH this post card. (765MK2-17cc41)

 The Mega MONEY Order Machine... This program is 100% cheat proof against all cheaters! Cheating participants and cheating monitors! so finally you can invest safety and get up to $400,000 or more, and all of it would be legally tax FREE!! That's a mega amount of MONEY orders! (703RC12-16c07)

• American Cash Flow!! Quickly generate cash flow for your direct mail business. Mail orders veterans all over the country are using this program to generate cash flow(997BC12-16cc41)

• Welcome to 5050 fifty.. Hello! are you open to making more money? Please pay close attention to this innovative new program built on years of experience and real membership value. (357RB11-16cc41)

• Join FREE Pay Later $$$... If you want extra Money for any reason-join the EASY MONEY 4 YOU Program FREENot an Investment or Gifting scheme. You receive a service and a viable lifetime product. (462FT10-16cc41)

• Fresh Concept Eliminates the Auto-ship Nightmare and Delivers a Simple Plan to Generate Thousands in Monthly Income!Welcome to 505 fifty (www.TimeFreedomRings.com/join) (479SF10-16cc41)

• ATTENTION: Write Your Own Paycheck..

The Breakthrough Automation System That lets regular people make over $30,000 Monthly from the comfort of their Homes. We close all sales while you earn commissions of $500, $1,00, $2,000, $3,000, and $5,000! (191NW9-16cc41)

 FREE MONEY... You never have to Pay Back! Receive $2,500 Every 30 to 45 Days. You Make a Pledge To Send a $100 Gift (ONE-TIME) to ONLY One Person.

• THE BIG MONEY MACHINE... We're going to make a lot of money with this program. Just read it and respond to it quickly! There are 25 gifting levels through which you will go to receive gifts. For Both Details Click Here (481ZC9-16cc41)

 The EASY 4 System... Join only if you are willing to mail until you get 4 responses. When you have 4, your work is done with Phase 1! Sit back and wait for money! Click Here  (501JC8-16c07)

 Attention: Write Your Own Paycheck "The Breakthrough Automation System That Lets Regular People Make Over $30,000 Monthly From The Comfort of Their Homes- We Close All Sales While You Earn Commissions  Of $500, $1,000, $,000, $3,000, and $5,000!"  Click Here For Exciting Details.

 MONEY by the MINUTE! .... I got a check the same day my package arrived! You are invited to become a member group of people, making money with the most powerful money making program ever! (437DD6-16c07)

• Loans You Never Pay Back ...... Just Follow the instructions and in weeks you will have $18,000 to $25,000. Almost everyone will respond due to the low cost, high profit, and one-sheet flyer to mail!!

DOUBLE PAY system... Totally NEW system that brings in $50 payments over and over again! This is like an ATM! It keeps producing money! To Get started for both program CLICK HERE (777DM6-16c07)

Having Trouble Recruiting For You Business Opportunity? 10x Recruiter takes the recruiting load off of you and places it on us! This not only frees up your time, but let's a proven system do the work for you! No more Failures! (533BO5-16c07)

Scratch and Win! Here Your Chance To receive FREE $10.00 Lottery Tickets and $10.00 CASH... Simply Give A Gift Of One $10.00 Ticket and $10.00 Cash To Get Started! Imagine Scratching A $1,00,000 TICKET! Join today and you'll need a cart for your winning ticket too!! (620JH5-16cc41)

• The Wealthy Know Money Makes Money. Club Gold the Elite High Rollers Group Where The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Can Too. (258RB5-16cc41)

The road To Success in order to succeed in the mail order business one must advertise cost effectively, using a planned strategy. For Both Details Click Here (258RB5-16cc41

 The Fast Cash Mail Order System! $6,440 in One Week! Some Weeks More, Some Weeks Little Less... This is a complete MONEY Grabbing Biz-N-Box! 

20 PLENTY Club.. We have decided, therefore, to band together and help each other WITH SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS THE 20 PLENTY CLUB you can easily receive more MONEY than you ever dreamed possible  Click Here For Exciting Details. (901KL4-16cc41)

Free Money Now!.. STOP whatever you are dong and give this your undivided attention! right now, all across America, people just like you are signing up receive HUGE amounts of MONEY. IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GET YOURS!

Money Magic .. This works like MAGIC! and Finally, A Change To Make Some Serious CASH! And a Chance To Finally Be Successful. For detail for both above Click Here (268KM3-16cc41)

• MONEY BLOCKS.. Owning Money Blocks is better than owning merchandise!Why? Because YOU STILL OWN them AFTER someone buys them! (653HF2-16)

Prepaid Gas Cards & Walmart Gift Cards Forever!.. And Plus Money Orders Come Direct to You Forever! Never Pay On Gas! Never Buy Walmart Items From Your Money! Receive a Flooded of gas cards, Walmart Gift Cards & Money Orders Forever! (295SF1-16c07)

HANDYMAN HELPERS... Information briefs.. Use these 25 ideas to SAVE Money or make Money!! (044WC1-16Type)

• The Progressive Income Generator ... A new twist to generating a $5,000 to $10,000 monthly income! PROGRESSIVE MARKETING! (502MH1-16c07)

The World's Largest Permanent Matrix... FINALLY! Something Different! Something That Works! Everyone can afford to join! Our program has proved to be the Most Affordable Program in the market place today. (8WS12-15 cc41 Ireland)

Can Live A Netter Life.. STOP Your MONEY Worries. Increase your Income. LOVE Marriage, Family, Job, Strong Faith in GOD, Unlimited Income Power. PLEASE HURRY! (505WP11-15cc41) 

From 5-50 Bucks in Your Hand ... GUARANTEED! Your Mailbox Full Of CASH! $5 $20 or $50 Bills!! What a Wonderful NEW Home Based MONEY Making Idea! (363MS11-15cc51)

The World's Largest Permanent Matrix... Our Program has proved to be the Most Affordable Program in the market place today.. Yet pays out much more than others! (122SH11-15cc51)

One Full Year Advertising!...  Advertise all your 8x11" Full Page Circulars On My Responsive Real Ad-Magazine Publication For One Full Year! We have The Lowest rates Ever Seen!

Acquire U.S Gold & Silver Eagle Coins At 40 Cents...On The Dollar Do You Know Four Others Who Would Like To Do The Same? For Both details :CLICK HERE  (646DR10-15cc41)

Can you Imagine MONEY $$$  Hands Down the Easiest Way to Make Lots Of Money FAST! (689VR10-15cc51)

How To Get 1 Million People To Send you $10 CASH... A Totally New-Ingenious-Fully Automated Endless CASH-SYSTEM Be On Your Way To Magic. (218JG9-15cc41)

• The Total Package Two News  Hello Everybody!!! W are now in our 2nd month of business! Our campaign to contact every network marketer in the world by phone, mail e-mail, and internet distributions is under way. (116TA9-15cc51)

How To Get One Million People To Send You $10 CASH.. In Six Months or Less A Totally New Ingenious Fully Automated Endless CASH System. (436DD9-15cc51)

The Instant-Cash Multiplier Program!... Don't wait! You could soon be earing MONEY! Get registered to WIN $250.00 call #316-530-1286 Because I can make you RICH! (717CG8-15c07)

 MILLIONAIRE MAKER .. This is a neat little inexpensive program that could possibly make you a millionaire in a very short time! Just send $5 to the monitor and $5 to each person in position below. Click Here (745RP8-15cc41)

Hit The Jackpot! Be Flooded with RED HOT Mail Order Buyers, Fresh Names! Week After Week, Month after Month , Year after Year, For LIFE!. (946Rp7-15cc41)

ProfitMax2015! How to Stuff Mailbox with $200 & $100 Checks & Money Orders Daily and Earn up to $10,000+ Per Month Using the Efforts of Others! (241CL6-15cc41)

FAST EASY CASH... This is real Money making system designed to make every member Money with minimum of work involved! (153PF6-15cc41)

We will show you how we use our strategy and how it can put you into whatever income bracket you want to be in. We predict you will easily approach the $100,000 mark within the first year but there is no limit-it could be way more. And this is only the start, it can grow year after year. (228RW5-15cc41)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! $$$ If you've tried everything in mail order, multi level marketing, running ads, circulars, ect, but didn't make any money, then this plan IS FOR YOU! (732IW5-15acc41)

You are invited to become a member of the Brand New Innovative Money Making System "Cash Retirement Plan" Profit $1,000 a day! Every Day For The Rest Of Your LIFE! 100% CASH Comes Directly To Your Mailbox. (562MS5-15cc41)

THE BIG ONE... Get a FREE Mercedes Benz. Super Healthy, Super Wealthy and Wise. The Jusuru reward compensation plan. Fun Easy Make $25,000 (016CC4-15cc41)

Take the Challenge of Rick J. lost 120Lbs. With SPX We change people LIFES. (869VW4-15cc41)

BONANZA OF INFORMATION... Unlimited Reprint Right! Where to get confidential mailing address, interest FREE loan All of this for ONLY $10.00 (158AS3-15cc41)

•Turn Your $ "Dimes Into Dollars" with our CASH Generating Machine.. When You See the Results You'll THINK It's "Mail Order Magic!" (620RW2-15cc41)

You Can Easily Receive A Secret $20,000 Loan  That You Are Not Required To Ever Pay Back! FINANCIAL SUCCESS CAN FINALLY BE YOURS! Click Here For Exciting Details.

The Ultimate Low Cost CASH Generating 9-Level Program! $3.00 For each member you recruit, and yet another $3 CASH MAILER! (611LP11-14c10)

• DAILY CASH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! From $20 Bill Investment To $1,000's of $20 Bills!! Your Dreams Come TRUTH! (681AL10-14cc41)

• DME FAST CASH FLYER...Earn $80 Commissions Daily! Guaranteed Response Rate of 1.5% or more or we refund your $100! (470LP9-14cc41)

CASH MAILER ... Start Right Now!! Send Copy of the Circular and Just $3.00 CASH to Each Member Listed. We Keep It Legal !! (563RS9-14cc41)

 FREE REPORT  100% Risk-Free Program!!! Earn Over $250,000 Per Year In Mail Order    For more details: Click Here  (687Dc9-14 cc41 )

ALL OF THE FAMOUS CHARACTERS UNDER ONE ROOF! Visit Today! My famous Characters can HELP you decorate child's bedroom! We only deliver high quality products in excellent condition to your DOOR. (306LS8-14cc41)

INFINITY PAY-100 ...The Unlimited Income Potential because you could earn NON-STOP INCOME with each of your Paylines...You will continue earing ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR commissions as sales are made in your Paylines. (982QW8-14cc41)

MAIL ORDER CLUB OF AMERICA .. You Make and Keep the Entire $500 on Every sale! (290LB7-14cc41)

* A TRULY "FREE" GIFTTING PROGRAM.. The FREE Part! On the 3rd day of every month after the month you joined the program, I'll be sending you $4.00 & 4f/c stamps. (604DP6-14cc41)

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